Sheryle L. Long combines distinguished careers in nursing and the law to serve as a uniquely effective advocate for patients harmed by the negligence of their healthcare providers and persons catastrophically injured in any manner. 

Over the course of her career, Ms. Long has been a Registered Nurse in Florida, California and Pennsylvania and maintains her nursing license in Pennsylvania. 

During her time in Florida, Ms. Long served as the administrator of a federal grant program to establish paramedic services in Broward County and taught EMT/paramedic courses at Broward Community College. During her career, she has taught clinical nursing and given lectures to doctors, nurses, and paramedics all over the country. In the 1980's, Ms. Long worked for the then world's largest hospital company, Humana. Though she had many responsibilities, she had the privilege of working on the team developing the innovative and new electronic medical record system. She worked on the development of nursing screens for the record. Ms. Long taught some of the first ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) courses. 

While living in Houston, Texas, Sheryle Long had the unique opportunity to develop the competitive strategy to place Nautilus Enviromedical's newly engineered hyperbaric medical chambers into the market place. Ms. Long was also legal counsel to Sea-Long Medical Systems, which developed and marketed hyperbaric medical equipment. 

Ms. Long co-founded Schenck & Long in 1989 and was later elected by the voters of Butler County to serve as District Attorney, a position she held for four years (1992-1995). In 2000, she was appointed by Governor Tom Ridge to serve as a Clarion University trustee. 

In addition to hands-on experience as a critical care nurse, Ms. Long has authored articles concerning nursing, critical care, emergency care, EMT's, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and paramedics. Ms. Long also co-authored and edited the first review book for critical care nurses to take their certification exam, helped develop the first national curriculum for EMT/paramedics, and co-authored a text for an EMT test review publication. 

Attorney Long is admitted to practice law in the state of Florida and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and before the following Courts: all Florida Trial and Appellate Courts; all Pennsylvania Trial and Appellate Courts; the Federal District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania; the Third Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court. 

Sheryle L. Long is licensed as a Registered Nurse in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 

Sheryle L. Long is always available to her community for medico-legal lectures and pro bono services for those in need. Dearest to her heart is Sheryle's involvement in pro-bono legal services for national equine associations and animal humane work (both sporting and rescue). 

Add this up and it is evident what Sheryle L. Long brings to each case and how her clients profit from her expertise as a Registered Nurse and as an attorney.